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Agni Gold Danburite Polished (South Africa #3669) 1.25 inches wide

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Gold Danburite helps to align your Solar Plexus Chakra with the rest of your chakric system. It brings the power of the sun into this already enlivening stone.

Danburite is a classic crystal of the coming New Age. It exhibits a very high vibe and is primarily used as a channel to assist in receiving information from higher sources. Secondarily it helps us understand and tune into the universal Love that permeates the universe on a vibrational level. Danburite is a Wind element, a stone of the zodiac Leo, and is attuned to the 4th (heart), 6th (third eye), 7 (crown), and etheric Chakras.

Dimensions: 32x15mm

Weight: 10grams

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