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Large Septarian Nodule Egg (Utah #7524) 14.8 pounds

14.80 lbs
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This Egg comes with free pillow.


Septarian Nodules (Latin for seven walled enclosure) are a combination of Calcite, Aragonite, and fossilized plant and animal material. Septarian is THE stone of public speaking and group communication and generates a very Earthly Vibe. It can help fight seasonal depression because of the stored solar energy present in calcite which makes up the majority of its mass. Septarian is attuned to the Earth Star (body – earth connector), Solar Plexus (3rd), and Throat (5th) chakras. It is a Earth and Fire Elemental and corresponds with the astrological signs of Aries & Taurus.

Dimensions are Height & Width: 8.30" x 5.25" _ 6.71 kilograms_ ( 14.8 lbs )

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