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Old-Stock Solution Quartz Cluster from Jeffrey Quarry (Arkansas, #9350) 10.4 grams

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  • Old-Stock Solution Quartz Cluster from Jeffrey Quarry, Arkansas

  • Crystal is 46 mm tall, 25 mm wide

  • 10.4 grams weight

  • Solution Quartz from Jeffrey Quarry is legendary. These amazingly intricate and delicate clusters formed in a free floating silica solution, allowing them to form in every direction at once with seemingly limitless complexity. Jeffrey Quarry has long since been flooded and now sits at the bottom of a man-made lake. These pieces were mined back in mid 1970’s and are coming directly from the owner’s personal collection!

  • Quartz is a high vibrational amplifier that corresponds with every astrological sign, resonates with all of the chakras, and represents the four elements in perfect balance.

  • Highest Collector Quality Guaranteed

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