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Shungite Pyramid (Russia,#9656) Large 1362-grams, 3 lbs

0.70 lbs
Our price:
  • Shungite Pyramid (Russia,#9656) Large 317.5 grams-grams, 0.7 lbs

  • Pyramid is  8 cm - 3.14 inches

  • Weight 0.7 lbs

  • Shungite known as a “Wonder Stone” It is said to deactivate and absorb everything that does harm to people and live beings. It is said to reflect harmful energies and effects from computers and other electronic devices. Concentrate and restore everything that is useful.


  • Highest Collector Quality Guaranteed


Points of Light Crystal and Mineral Gallery in Asheville, North Carolina specializes in large, excellent quality crystals for your home, business, or sacred space. Since opening in 2009 the quality and size of our inventory has been unsurpassed. Contact us today so we may help you find the perfect crystal to balance your space.

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